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​The Grinding Process Of Valve Grinding Machine

Mar. 08, 2019

The grinding process of Valve Grinding Machine

The disc and seat seal seal the pitting and scoring on the rain. When the depth is within 0.5mm, it can be repaired by grinding.

The grinding process is carried out in three steps of coarse grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding.

Rough grinding generally uses 240 W40 abrasive or 2 written abrasive cloth, using a larger grinding pressure, mainly for grinding and pitting.

Medium grinding uses W28W14 abrasive or No.1 and No.0 abrasive cloth. The grinding pressure is relatively small, and a new grinding tool should be replaced before grinding.

After the grinding in the Valve Lapping Machine, the sealing surface basically meets the requirements, and the surface is smooth and bright and fine grinding is used for the working method, and the valve and the seat on the door are directly researched.

Use a fine grinding sound (abrasive degree W4WS), and add a little oil to dilute, first clockwise and then counterclockwise, gently back and forth. Grind for a while and check until it is shiny, and a black closed band can be seen on the sealing surfaces of the valve and the seat. Finally, grind gently with oil and dry with clean cotton yarn. When grinding with abrasive cloth, the abrasive cloth should be set on the lap made according to the shape and size of the valve and the reading.

Valve Grinding Machine

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