• MJ-400 Portable Globe Valve Grinding Machine

MJ-400 Portable Globe Valve Grinding Machine


M series valve grinder mainly used to grinding the surface of valve, flange which need to be absolutely sealed. Usually it achieved by grinding valve seat, valve core and sealing surface of flange. M series valve grinding machine is applicable to electric power petroleum chemical metallurgical paper which tube valve concentrated industry. Repairing the surface of gas, water, oil valve etc. There are 2 styles of valve grinding machine, portable style and desktop item. Portable valve grinding machine is applicable to the inconvenience of valve repairing both on site and off site repairing, desktop valve grinding machine is suitable for off site repairing.

Technical indicators 


Grinding   Range(mm)A:60 degree   75degree 90degree DN20-65 cone globe valve  B:DN20-175 plane globe valve, relief valveA:DN80-275  cone valve, plane valve,   relief valve(grinding   disc optional)DN150-400   cone valve,plane Globe valve,relief valve(grinding   disc optional)
Max   Grinding Depth(mm)250450700
Gross   Weight(kg)23.54060








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