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Grinding the High Pressure Port Sealing Surface With A Valve Grinder

Feb. 18, 2019

Standard process for grinding high pressure port sealing surface using Valve Grinding Equipment

1. Rough grinding by Valve Grinder Machinery: firstly measure the inner and outer diameters of the high-pressure port sealing surface, select the grinding disc of the applicable specification and the applicable sandpaper pressure plate, assemble it on the universal joint shaft, and symmetrically press 4-6 pieces of Norton full-resin abrasive cloth, rotate The nut is pressed against the abrasive cloth for use.

2, fine grinding: the use of particle size 120#--150# full-resin SiC sandpaper - the purpose is to grind small and shallow pits and rough grinding, it is recommended to stabilize the grinding disc, rotate at a constant speed.

3, fine grinding: the use of particle size 150--240#, all-resin SiC sandpaper - the purpose is to check whether there is a rough grain path affecting the seal, with or without grinding, to improve the flatness and smoothness of the cone plane, it is recommended to lightly press the disc , high-speed rotation, because the fine sandpaper is easy to paste, you should change the sandpaper once in about half a minute, a total of three times, in order to achieve high pressure port sealing needs.

4, sandpaper paste method: generally should be in the "base layer" sticky 150 # or 180 # sandpaper, which is then attached to the "abrasive layer" grinding sheet, or directly pressed, only replace the polishing layer when replacing.

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