Horizontal Valve Test Bench Manufacturer

We are Horizontal Valve Test Bench Manufacturer, besides Horizontal Valve Test Bench, we also provide Vertical Test Stands ,Safety Valve Test Bench and Double Hold Pressure Valve Test Bench.

Horizontal Valve Test Bench

1. Horizontal Valve Test Bench for gate valve,globe valve,ball valve,Check valve and etc direct-flange connection valves.

2. valve range under testing from 20 to 800mm

3. Hydraulic pressure test up to 4500 bars

4. Standard equips with High and low pressure water pump pressure systems,gas supercharging is selection

5. Valve clamping type is up pressure,clamp is through press on the sides of direct-flange connection valves

Technical parameters:

Valve Nominal Diameter20-800mm(Flange connection )
Maximium Test   Pressure  PN31.5-32Mpa(4500LB) Max
Nominal VoltageExchange 380V
Rated Power8.5KW
Line VoltageExchange 220V
Hydraulic oil

N46 hydraulic Oil(provide   by user

The oil temperature is   Max 60 degrees centigrade ,

Min 2   degrees centigrade

Oil circuit system  Pressure25Mpa max
Test Medium

Water(Allows to add rust inhibitor) kerosene or other liquid

 it’s viscosity   not higher than water

Test   temperature(Envioment Temp)5 degree centigrade to 40 degree   centigrade
Axial   clamping Length scope50-950mm
Max   Lateral Spacing750mm
Max   Clamping Force65(T)
Max   Lifting Weight300kg

About Test Pressure Range,you can click here

Horizontal Valve Test Bench Manufacturer

Horizontal Valve Test Bench

Horizontal Valve Test Bench

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Valve Test Bench Manufacturer

Valve Test Bench Manufacturer

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Valve Body Testing Rig

Valve Body Testing Rig

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