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Gate Valve Grinding Machine: Several Gate Valves

Oct. 27, 2020

Valve Grinding Machine Supplier introduces several types of gates,

(1) Wedge single gate valve

①The structure is simpler than the elastic gate valve;

②At higher temperatures, the sealing performance is not as good as the elastic gate valve or double gate valve;

③Suitable for high temperature media that is easy to coke.

(2) Elastic gate valve

It is a special form of wedge single gate. Compared with the wedge gate valve, at high temperature, the sealing performance is good, and the gate is not easy to be stuck after being heated; it is suitable for steam, high-temperature oil, oil and gas and other media, and is suitable for frequent switching positions. Not suitable for media that is easy to coke.

Gate Valve Grinder Machine

Gate Valve Grinder Machine

(3) Double gate valve

①The sealing performance is better than that of the wedge gate valve. If the oblique angle of the sealing surface and the valve seat are not very accurate, it still has a better sealing performance;

②After the sealing surface of the ram is worn, the metal pad at the bottom of the top center of the spherical surface can be replaced with a thicker one. Generally, surfacing and grinding of the sealing surface is not necessary. This is difficult to achieve with a single ram and an elastic ram.

③There are more parts than other types of gate valves;

④ In addition to being suitable for steam, oil and other media, it is also suitable for parts that are frequently switched on and off and the medium that has a large wear on the sealing surface. It is not suitable for the medium that is easy to coke.

(4) Parallel gate valve

①The sealing performance is worse than other types of gate valves;

②Suitable for medium with lower temperature and pressure;

③Except the rams with fixed plates on the two rams are not easy to fall off, the rams that use lead wires to fix the two rams are easy to fall off and are not reliable in use.

④ The processing and maintenance of the sealing surface of the gate and the valve seat are simpler than other types of gate valves.

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