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Operation Method of Pg Series Pipeline Groove Machine

May. 19, 2020

1. Fix the two safety pin shafts of pipe beveling machine on the two airframes respectively to ensure the accurate position.

2. Loosen the two bolts connecting the fixing body and the two bolts connecting the rotating body, and divide the fixing body and the rotating body into two parts.

3. According to the cut pipe diameter, select 4 lengthened clamping blocks of the corresponding length to be installed on the clamping base blocks (clamping base blocks can also be directly used to clamp the pipe).

4. Install the two parts of the machine body at the place where the groove is cut, and connect the two parts of the machine body. Then fasten the fixed body and the rotating body with connecting bolts, and then fasten the rotating body with the rotating body fixing plate.

5. Remove the safety pin shaft of the groove machine.

6. Screw the clamping screw with a light force to fix the main engine on the pipe. Measure the dimension between the machine body and the pipe with the Angle ruler, and adjust the clamping screw so that the end face of the main engine is perpendicular to the pipe axis, and the outer circle is concentric with the pipe. Then tighten the clamping screw with a special wrench.

7. Install the cutter on the tool rest, select the appropriate tool pad, and adjust the feed six-star wheel 5 to make the narrow knife in front and the wide knife in the back. The cutting depth difference between the two knives is between 0.5mm.

8. Check the working space of the equipment, install the barrier-free power motor and tighten the bolts, and start the test with the wire control switch.

9. When pipe beveling tools are idling and running normally, the feed pin 9 will be pushed forward to realize automatic feed.

10. Cut off is completed, stop operation, operate the wire control switch, pull out the feed pin s to stop the automatic feed, and turn the feed six-star wheel 5 with a special wrench to realize the return.

11. Take the cutting knife and shim 8 from the downhill groove machine, and install the 35° groove knife and the corresponding knife pad and the 10° groove knife and the corresponding knife pad.(if there is only slope single V opening, only a handful of 35° can be installed.)

12. The 35° knife is in front, and the 10° knife is in the back. Push the six-star feeding wheel 5, and the double V port can be completed automatically after starting up.

Pipe Beveling Machine

Pipe Beveling Machine

Notes for the operation of pipe beveling and cutting machine:

1, groove machine operators must pass the professional training, examination after holding a certificate to work.

2. Non-professional operators are strictly prohibited to operate the groove machine.

3, before the work should carefully check the mechanical rotation parts, instruments, or other spare parts, such as safety bolts, pins must not be loose. Ensure the groove machine. Do not start the machine until it is in good condition.

4. Before the groove machine is started, it is strictly prohibited to extend the head and hands into its turning range.

5. It is strictly prohibited to transfer tools, fixtures, or other objects on the rotating groove machine.

6, groove machine in the cutting process, the operator should not face directly to the edge of the knife.

7, groove machine in the rotation process, it is strictly prohibited to check the quality of the turning mouth.

8. When two people operate a groove machine at the same time, the division of labor shall be clear and one person shall be in charge.

9, loading and unloading heavy workpiece, must use lifting machinery, and by the command of a special person.

10. When the bevel machine is turning, it is strictly prohibited to use the cotton yarn containing freezing liquid to cool the workpiece and cutter.

11. When operating the groove machine, do not pedal on the machine or lean on the groove machine.

12, groove machine in the process of rotation, in case of abnormal power failure, should immediately cut off the power switch, out of the tool rest.

13, groove machine in the rotation if there is abnormal noise or workpiece lose; It must be stopped immediately.

14, when cutting brittle metal or high-speed cutting, should be in the direction of cutting splash protection plate, operators should wear protective glasses and masks.

15. When the temperature is low in winter, the groove machine should be started idling for a period of time before working, and processing can only be carried out after one-cutting is normal.

16. Operators are forbidden to leave their posts when the groove machine is turning.

17. It is strictly prohibited to clean and process iron filings by hand. Iron hooks must be used to clean iron scraps from the cutlery, and only when the cutlery is stopped

Clean up.

18. It is strictly prohibited to bring fire into the groove machine room, and electric welding is strictly prohibited in the groove machine room.

19. After work, the groove machine must be wiped and cleaned, and the machine room should also be cleaned.


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