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What Is Pipe Beveling? How To Bevel a Pipe?

Mar. 06, 2021

What Is Pipe Beveling? How To Bevel a Pipe?

Pipe Beveling refers to the angle formed between the edges of the two ends of the pipe. When the end of the pipe forms a certain degree of angle, it is called the bevel end of the beveled end. Pipe beveling is an indispensable step in the preparation process of pipe connection welding. The quality of the beveled pipe directly affects the quality of welding, so proper pipe fitting preparation can ensure the best-welded joint. In addition to welding, for aesthetics and safety considerations, the beveling can also be used to deburring the cut pipe ends.

What is correct, beveling or bevelling?

Both beveling and bevelling are correct. Beveled is the spelling of British English, and beveled is the spelling of American English. In addition, the wording chamfering and finishing work are used for this application method.

Beveling and chamfering: what is the difference?

Technically speaking, pipe chamfering is a type of pipe beveling. Both terms refer to the edge between the two sides of the tube. However, the main difference between the two is that the chamfer is the edge that connects the two faces at a 45-degree angle, while the slope of the bevel can be any angle, except 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

How to bevel the pipe?

There are various ways to bevel the pipe. Use the portable or beveling machine, hand grinding, or plasma cutting machine, or torch cutting.

Compared with using a beveling machine, the manual grinding method is the cheapest and most dangerous method. This is time-consuming and requires a skilled operator to grind the bevel by hand. In addition, it is almost impossible to maintain the same quality of the slope for every pipe operation, which causes a lot of confusion.

Using a blowtorch or plasma cutter is another way to bevel pipes. However, it provides faster results than a hand grinder; it also has some disadvantages. The flat ground at the end of the pipe needs to be prepared manually, which is not a safe process. Again, the bevel angle of production will be inconsistent.

Moreover, this method cannot be used for all materials, which will affect the flexibility of your production.

A portable pipe beveling machine comes in different configurations and is significantly safer than the first two methods. The biggest advantage of these portable machines is that they are portable because the user can take the machine to the pipeline, so it is very time-saving. They are very convenient for maintenance work or construction sites. However, they are not sufficient to meet high production requirements.

The beveling machine provides the most choice and flexibility for pipe beveling. Almost all kinds of bevel shapes can be created with different combinations of tools. They are designed to meet high production requirements in a safe working environment. In addition, they are easy to integrate with automated production lines so that operators do not even have to be on the machine all the time. Beveling machines have various benefits, such as; standard carbide cutting inserts, cheap replacements when needed, easy to set up, require low maintenance, ensure the lowest cost and the fastest cycle time/inclination, and provide safe work environment without creating a mess, provides a wide range of processing options, can machine several pipes or tube materials and does not require a skilled operator.

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