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Common Quality Problems in Valve Grinding and Prevention Methods

Jan. 28, 2022

Portable Gate Valve Grinding Machine


Grinding is a very small amount of cutting light finishing processing methods, generally, rarely appear grinding scrap. Valve sealing surface because the dimensional accuracy is not very high, grinding scrap is rarer. Sealing surface grinding often occurs in the geometry is incorrect, surface scratches and pulling grooves and other defects. Common defect forms, causes, and prevention methods are shown below.


Defect form: Scratching, pulling hair

Cause 1: The abrasive is mixed with individual coarse abrasive particles

Prevent method 1: Use the water sedimentation method to sort the abrasives and strengthen the storage of abrasives.


Cause 2: Dust, iron chips or other debris are mixed in the abrasive

Prevent method 2: The container of abrasive should be covered, and the configuration should be kept clean.


Cause 3: The workpiece is not clean or has burrs

Prevent method 3: The sealing surface should be deburred and cleaned before grinding


Cause 4: The lapping machine or grinding tool is not clean

Prevent method four: the best primary research machine and fine research very separate, and pay attention to the lapping machine and research tool cleaning


Cause 5: Too much dust in the workshop

Prevention method 5: Establish a closed grinding room and keep it clean.


Defective form: incorrect geometry

Cause 1: Improper grinding motion

Prevention method 1: improve the grinding motion


Cause 2: Abrasive is too thick or unevenly applied

Prevention method 2: Use thinner abrasive and pay attention to uniform application


Cause 3: Uneven grinding pressure

Prevent method 3: Even and consistent force when grinding by hand


Cause 4: Poor processing accuracy in the previous process

Prevention method 4: Improve the processing accuracy of the previous process and pay attention to prevent the deformation of the workpiece


Cause 5: Grinding time is too long

Prevention method 5: Reduce the grinding allowance, try coarser abrasives or improve the grinding speed and increase the grinding pressure


Cause 6: Inaccurate grinding tools

Prevention method 6: frequent inspection and repair of the research tool, the research tool wear too fast can be replaced with other wear-resistant materials

Defect form: knife marks or pulling grooves

Cause 1: The quality of the previous process is not good, the luminosity is too low

Prevention method I: The workpiece should be ground before grinding, and the luminosity should not be lower than ▽6 when using fine turning.


Cause 2: Abrasive is too coarse

Prevent method two: use fine abrasives


Cause 3: The cutting heat generated during grinding is too high

Prevention method three: reduce the grinding pressure, reduce the grinding speed and often add abrasive


Know about the best valve grinding machines

Metals Kingdom offers both portable and benchtop valve grinders. Portable is suitable for in-line repair of valves that are inconvenient to disassemble and site valve repair. The benchtop type is suitable for site valve repair.


We also provide different models of valve grinders for different valve grinding. M-100 and MJ series are mainly used for repairing globe valves and safety valves. M and MZ series are mainly used for repairing gate valves. Finally, let us help you if you have any questions in shopping for the right valve grinding machine for your task!

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