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How Long Is The Running-In Period Of Pipe Beveling Machine?

Jun. 10, 2021

How Long Is The Running-In Period Of Pipe Beveling Machine?

The running-in period of the pipe beveling machine generally refers to the first three months from the factory to the customer's use.

In these three months, the correct use of the pipe cutting machine can make the beveling machine exert its maximum load under full load and prolong the service life of the machine.

During this period, pipe beveling machine suppliers summed up a few points to note.

(1) When operating the beveling machine, determine the processing volume according to the relevant product manual, process parameters, and plate material, and the bevel shall not be overloaded. Take ordinary carbon steel as an example, the Q40 model is used as an example. The processing capacity of a single groove is 12mm, and the bevel width is wide. However, when processing stainless steel, the maximum processing width is only 8 mm.

(2) The symmetrical shape of the knife should not reach the maximum groove limit position of the processing width during the running-in period of the beveling machine. In addition, do not perform beveling work when the width of the bevel is the smallest. Regardless of whether the maximum or minimum groove width is running, the running speed of the grooved gearbox is not good, and it is easy to cause problems such as too fast wear of the worm gear, the poor meshing of the worm gear, and large groove processing. The gearbox overheated too quickly.

The correct operation method is that during the running-in period of the beveling machine, the width of the working surface should gradually increase from small to large so that the gearbox of the beveling machine can achieve the best running-in.

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