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How Long Is the Running-In Period of the Beveling Machine?

Nov. 10, 2020

The running-in period of a pipe beveling machine generally refers to the first three months from the factory to the customer's use.

In these three months, the proper use of the beveling machine can make the beveling machine carry out load operation at maximum full load, so as to achieve the ideal service life of the beveling machine design.

During this period, CapitaLand beveling machine summarized a few points that need attention.

1. When operating the beveling machine, you should determine the amount of processing each time according to the relevant product manual, technical parameters and the material of the plate, and do not overload the beveling operation.

2. A well-proportioned amount of knife, during the running-in period of the beveling machine, do not reach the maximum bevel processing width limit position. Similarly, do not perform beveling operations with the smallest processing bevel width. Regardless of whether it is the largest or smallest processing method of groove width, the running-in of the beveling machine reducer is not good, and it is easy to cause some problems, such as excessive wear of worm gears and worm gears, poor worm gears, and when processing large grooves The gearbox heats up too quickly.

The correct operation method is that during the running-in period of the beveling machine, the width of the processing surface should be gradually reduced first and then large, so that the reducer of the beveling machine can achieve the best running-in degree.

Pipe Beveling Machinery

Pipe Beveling Machinery

Maintenance and repair methods of pipe beveling machinery:

1. The equipment can only be carried out by professionals in accordance with relevant safety standards;

2. In order to ensure the good operation of the equipment, please use our company's original spare parts;

3. When the equipment is not used for a long time, the equipment should be placed in a dry and safe environment; the working area should be kept tidy when using the equipment;

4. In order to make the equipment reach the best condition, clean the equipment at ordinary times;

5. After use, clean up the debris with a brush and apply anti-rust oil to key parts. The lubricating oil of the transmission mechanism should be greased. The grease should be replaced every 30 days or so, and the internal oil should be flushed.


1. Do not place any debris on the rotating shaft;

2. When cleaning the equipment, it is recommended to use a brush;

3. Before equipment maintenance, be sure to cut off the power supply,

4. It is recommended that professionals remove the moving parts and lubricate them once every three months.

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