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Grinding Technology for MJ Portable Valve Grinding Machine

May. 21, 2021

Grinding Technology for MJ Portable Valve Grinding Machine

Grinding Technology for MJ portable Valve Grinding machine:

Coarse grinding: grinding with sandpaper around 80#, removal the defect such as groove marks, pits and scratches and etc.

Accurate grinding: with sandpaper about 240#, to remove minor scratches.

Polishing: with more than 400# sandpaper, to achieve the purpose of polishing the sealing surface.

Application of MJ Series of Portable Valve Grinding Machine:

Mainly used for Grinding and Lapping Valves online and offline

The sealing surface for Globe Valves and Safety Valves

Plane Globe Valve Seat

Plane Globe Valve Core

Cone Globe Valve Seat

Safety Valve Seat and Valve Cores

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Portable Valve Grinding Machine

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