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How Does the Bevel Machine Work in a Straight Line?

Jul. 13, 2020

To ensure that the pipe beveling machine travels in a straight line during work, it is mainly guaranteed by three parts of the mechanism: 1 the back of the beveling machine is positioned by the plate, 2 the walking wheel of the beveling machine is angled, and the 3 is the upper platen of the beveling machine With double helix driven wheel. Below we explain separately.

Whether a pipe Beveling machinery can be used is the key to see whether its processing surface flatness is good, the width of the processing surface is consistent as a whole, to the width of the processing surface is consistent as a whole becomes particularly important, so the groove When the machine is designed, it will fully consider the package to ensure that the width of the processing surface is consistent. It must be how to ensure that the groove machine walks in a straight line in the work, and can walk normally in a straight line, and the processing width is basically the same. In the following, we introduce in detail the three main mechanisms to ensure that the beveling machine walks in a straight line during work.

The first is the backrest plate. Through the control of the backrest plate, it is possible to ensure that the maximum value of the infeed amount when the steel plate is grooved allows the end face of the steel plate to travel along with the backrest plate. The second is the angled walking wheel. With the inclined walking roller, the machine can generate a pulling force to the backboard during operation, so that the steel plate and the backboard of the equipment are tightly pressed. Finally, the driven roller with double helix on the upper platen is the most important part of the straightness guarantee mechanism for the automatic walking of the beveling machine. The driven wheel with double helix is driven by the lower walking wheel to follow the edge of the steel plate. During the driving process, it will produce a great pulling force against the plate, thus avoiding the high-speed milling of the beveling machine during work. Due to the reaction force generated during work, the equipment is deviated from the working surface and pulled out of the steel plate.

Pipe Beveling Machine

Pipe Beveling Machine

In order to reduce the processing steps, some customers use the internal expansion pipe beveling machine without straightening the pipe mouth and directly beveling. Such a direct groove is also possible, but there may be different groove surfaces behind the pipe groove. We need to exclude the following three reasons:

1. Check whether the machine is tightened

The internal expansion machine is a clamping method for internal tension. Generally it is three-point centering or six-claw centering. Especially when processing larger pipe diameters such as between 200-600. While our machine is tightening, we need to shake the fuselage to make the expansion block/expansion claw center to symmetrically tighten the tube.

Second, check whether the tube is deformed

Large-diameter pipes will have a little deformation to varying degrees, or uneven wall thickness distribution. But generally this situation has little effect on the machine's tightness. All are slightly deformed.

3. Check if the pipe port is at 90 degrees. That is, whether the nozzle is flat.

The pipe port is not vertical. Any pipe that has not been flattened has no 90°, and the saw will cut a slope. We have to fundamentally analyze the reasons for the asymmetry of the port groove

If there is no flat mouth, install a bevel knife directly for beveling. It just means that sometimes the pipe mouth has high and low deviations. If the bevel is made for a long time, it is necessary to face it out.

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