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Tips For Buying a Pipe Beveling Machine

Jul. 17, 2021

Tips For Buying a Pipe Beveling Machine

Pipe beveling is mainly the process of cutting a slope at the edge of the pipe to prepare the metal pipe or pipe welding. It is used in various industries, from petrochemical processing plants to food processing and general construction.

A pipe beveling machine with excellent performance

There are many ways to bevel, including manual grinding, flame-cutting, and machining. There are many machines to choose from. When choosing your machine, remember an excellent beveling machine:

Is lightweight

It's effective

Easy to operate

Hardly need to set up

Running fast

Easy to adjust

No health hazard to operators

Has the ability to produce non-oxidized cutting edges

You also need to consider which slope is best for your application and whether the machine is best for this application.

Factors affecting the quality of bevel

When deciding which bevel method to use, you need to consider the following factors, which may be specified in the manufacturer’s drawings or blueprints:

Degree of the angle

Different angles are suitable for different applications. In most cases, the standard bevel of beveling pipe is 37.5°, but this is not the same as other metal applications. The key to a good bevel angle is to be able to keep this angle within the tolerance level, no matter what degree.

Beveling Machine

Beveling Machine

The length of the bevel

The length of the bevel (sometimes called the land) refers to the length of the material that is removed to allow the weld to be laid into the material. No matter how it is measured, accuracy is important. It has a consistent bevel length to ensure easier operation during welding. It strengthens the weld and makes it stronger because the entire material with the same integrity is welded together.


Everyone knows that time is money. The less time it takes to bevel, the more money you can make or save more money, so it is important to choose a technology that can be completed in the fastest possible cycle.

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

If the "heat-affected zone" (HAZ) is mentioned in the welding specification, you must avoid heating the materials being welded together. This is because the metal is composed of different alloys (such as chromium, magnesium, and iron) at different levels to form the metal structural features required for a specific application. When this metal is heated, the microstructural characteristics of the alloy composition will change the material you originally purchased into a different metal. This means that by heating the metal, you will eventually change and/or affect many other components of your operation.

Safe slope

When certain metals are heated, they release toxic fumes. If your staff does not use proper ventilation equipment or masks, they may be exposed to serious health risks. When using a heat source, make sure you know which specific metals are used and monitor the fumes that are produced. This key factor should not be ignored or underestimated.

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