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Type of Beveling Machine

Jan. 16, 2023

The beveling machine is also known as: pipe beveling machine, CNC beveling machine. In fact, the working nature of each beveling machine is the same, and it is a kind of equipment for beveling pipes or steel plates.

1. Beveling machine

There is a wide variety of beveling machines. The bevels that can be cut are: U-shaped, V-shaped, double V-shaped, U-shaped and I-shaped bevel processing machines. A beveling machine that meets the principle of "high quality and high efficiency", has high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency, high degree of automation, high reliability, and maintains accuracy after continuous and long-term use. It has strong adaptability to the environment and can quickly produce production capacity.

So why do we need to bevel the steel plate and pipe? In fact, the purpose of beveling is to meet the welding standard, because the steel plate and pipe are welded by flat welding, it is difficult to meet the process requirements and beveled the medium. After the treatment, the connection between the pipeline and the pipeline can be completely welded through to achieve three-layer welding. This is the value of the beveling machine.

Some people say that the beveling machine is also called a chamfering machine and a chamfering machine. This is actually wrong. The chamfering machine and the chamfering machine are just to deburr the pipe or steel plate to a small corner. The beveling machine is a process of automatically cutting the bevel with the purpose of the bevel angle and shape according to the welding standard of the process pipe.

Pipe Beveling Machine

Pipe Beveling Machine

2. Pipe beveling machine

The upper and lower hydraulic cylinders of the lower screw rod elevator are used to clamp the pipe asynchronously up and down; the radial differential feed is electrically retracted or the axial ordinary motor is fed / retracted; ordinary CNC blades have no coolant; V-type, double V-type and U-type Bevel; suitable for radial or axial bevel processing of ordinary thick pipe and radial bevel processing of thick wall pipe. With bevel type, high quality, good welding effect, it is the first choice of beveling machine for pipe factory prefabrication.

3. CNC beveling machine

Beveling machine controlled by PLC or CNC; special NC tool holder; ordinary NC blade without coolant; V-shaped, double V-shaped and U-shaped bevel; suitable for radial or axial bevel processing of ordinary thick pipe and radial groove processing of thick-walled pipes. It makes the pipe beveling machinery easier, and the automation degree of the data system can be better to realize a fully automated unmanned beveling machine.

The above two types of beveling machines are representative of large beveling machines. The bevel has high accuracy and efficiency, and can be fully automated. Various conveyor systems and fixed-length systems can be customized according to customer needs.

Beveling machine U-turn system: After the beveling at one end is completed, the other end is beveled by the U-turn system to achieve the purpose of double-end beveling

Beveling machine horizontal logistics system: The pipeline is sent to the beveling machine's vertical logistics system for beveling through horizontal conveying. After the beveling is completed, it can also be delivered to the butt welding system through the horizontal logistics system.

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