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Types and Characteristics of Valve Test Benches

Oct. 13, 2020

Due to the wide variety of valves, the applications of valves in various industries are different. There are general valves (industrial pipeline valves), equipment, and instrument valves (microvalves, air conditioning valves, locomotive valves), and fire valves. How to produce qualified valves that meet the needs? A big problem for various valve manufacturers is how to test and inspect the performance of the valve to ensure the qualification of the valve and related standards. It is necessary to use the corresponding valve test bed. Today, the valve test bed supplier will show you a few more commonly used testing equipment.

 Valve Test Bed

Valve Test Bed

1. Safety valve calibration bench (safety valve test bench), suitable for safety valve calibration bench, suitable for performance testing of direct load and pilot type safety valves, such as setting pressure, return pressure, and sealing performance, the main medium pressure is mainly, The gas source has nitrogen and air compressor.

2. The valve strength test bench is suitable for the overall pressure test and inspection of various instrument valves, industrial gas cylinder valves, fire-fighting gas cylinder valves, and other products, generally in the fully open state.

3. Valve life test bench, suitable for various instrument valves, industrial gas cylinder valves, fire gas cylinder valves, and other products to perform performance tests and inspections at specified pressures and specific environments;

4. Valve airtightness testing machine, suitable for performance testing of valve closed state and sealing surface;

5. Valve static pressure life tester, suitable for static pressure life test of various shut-off valves, plug valves, check valves, ball valves, regulating valves, valve groups, and other high-pressure valves and instrument valves;

6. The scope of application of the valve flow characteristic tester: The system is suitable for the flow characteristics of valves and instruments such as quick connectors, solenoid valves, ball valves, needle valves, regulating valves, and the CV value of the flow system;

7. Gas cylinder valve performance testing machine, suitable for various performance tests of various gas cylinder valves to meet the functional and type tests of gas cylinder valves by production units, scientific research institutes, and testing institutions;

8. Impulse vibration comprehensive test bench;

9. Other non-standard testing equipment.

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