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Improvement measures of valve pressure test equipment

Jun. 12, 2019

Improvement measures of valve pressure test equipment

Valve pressure test equipment to its function more perfect, then it needs to carry out some improvement measures, so it will be more comfortable to use, then how to improve?

Valve test equipment based on valve test equipment technology. According to national standard GB/T1 3927-92 valve pressure test and zbjl6006-90 valve test and test standard specifications, the new generation of JWZ hydraulic valve test bench was designed and improved.

It integrates electromechanical, hydraulic, pressure testing and liquid media storage and recovery. It has the characteristics of perfect function, stable performance and high degree of automation.

Valve testing equipment JWZ valve testing equipment is used to check and maintain the reliable sealing quality of valves and valves. The last step after valve production and valve disassembly inspection is pressure testing.

valve pressure test equipment

The test methods used are based on national or international standards. American standard ANSI/ASME, API, German standard DIN, European standard EN and international standard ISO are the most commonly used standards. Pressure bench test of valve sealing performance can be divided into the following types: globe valve type gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, etc. Control valve relief valve although the valve pressure test standard is different, but for each type of valve, the test method is roughly the same.

The most important is: test the strength of valve body; Inspect valve body, stem and shaft joints for tightness; Test for possible sealing of seat or base; Determine the starting pressure of the relief valve.

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