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Valve Test Bench

Mar. 19, 2021

Valve Test Bench

In order to ensure the reliable sealing quality of newly produced valves after inspection and maintenance, the last step after valve production and valve disassembly is to check and maintain the pressure test. The testing methods used should be based on national or international standards. The valve test bench supplier shares with you:

The classification of valve pressure test table can be divided into the following categories: Globe valves (gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valves, etc.), control valves, safety valves, and although valves pressure test standards vary, but the detection methods for each valve are roughly the same. the most important is: Test the strength of the valve body; check the tightness of the valve body, valve stem, and shaft joint; testing the tightness of the valve seat or base (if possible); determine the take-off pressure of the safety valve. Reach maximum benefit, and lasting stability is the business goal of every healthy enterprise. Producing high-quality products at competitive prices is an effective method, which requires cost-effective use of resources owned by various enterprises. The economic benefits of valve testing mean that at the lowest cost, various standards can be used to test various valves. Not only that, but ideally, the valve is the same, but different manufacturers can also test the valve type. Only 100% inspection can guarantee the reliable quality of each valve.

In order to achieve this goal, automation should be used, and the degree and level of automation should be compatible with the manufacturer's production line and production process. Today, in most cases, the valve production process is highly automated, the potential for cost reduction is minimal. Therefore, the manual random sampling testing method is not only technically backward but also economically no longer feasible. 100% testing requires a high degree of the automatic detection system. The test of the automatic valve should be connected to the production of the automatic valve. The inspection should be completed within the specified time. In the past, some valve manufacturers have established their own valve testing systems. Today, this work has been completed by a professional manufacturer. Because professional manufacturers can use standardized modules and components and components are specific realizations specifically designed and manufactured for users to achieve the needs of each user. Professional valve testing equipment manufacturers can provide valve manufacturers with many very economical and practical valve test automation solutions.

Valve Test Bench

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