Double Operating Position Valve Core Grinding Bench

Double Operating Position Valve Core Grinding Bench

2.Product review:

Stationary valve grinding machine is suitable for the valve disks of gate valves and globe valves,it is  widely applied in coal-fired power petrochemical steel metallurgical paper and other industries
1、Stationary, more stable and durable
2、Double operating position design,Easy to operate, higher efficiency

3.Technical parameters

1)   Diameter of Grinding disc: Dia500mm

2)   Scope of Grinding:Dia25-Dia300

3)  Quantity of grinding disc:2 pcs

3)Application : valve core of plane globe valve, gate valve .

4) Motor Power:1100W,Double motor.

 5)speed regulation mode: Variable frequency stepless speed regulation

6)Power supply: 220 V/50Hz

7) motor power: 1100W x2=2.2kw double motor


4.Matters needing attention before work

1.Connect the 380V power supply and turn on the total power supply.

2. Before starting the equipment, check whether there is any foreign body around the grinding disc and deal with it.

5. Operation instructions:

A. frequency converter operation instructions:

(1) Device startup key: RUN    Device stop key: STOP  Forward and Reverse conversion key: JOG

(Note: when the forward and reverse conversion is done, the position of the triple lever  should be adjusted accordingly).

Speed adjustment: knob on the panel rotation adjustment or up and down key adjustment.

(2) Other key suggestions should not be adjusted so as to avoid confusion.

B. Spool grinding operation:

(1) Before grinding the spool, adjust and fix the triple lever according to the size of the spool, and install the roller assembly on the triple lever, adjust the position and press firmly. Apply the corresponding abrasive grout on the grinding plate. (see grinding process)

(2) Grinding and repair of round spool.

The spool is placed in the middle of the angle between the three retaining bars and contacts with the roller to start the equipment for grinding. Or put the spool roller between the angle of the triple bar and contact with the roller, put one or more spools into the roller, start the equipment for grinding.

(3) Grinding of Gate valve spool:

Place the spool roller between the angle of the triple lever and contact the roller. Place one or more spools in the roller and start grinding.

(4) Hand held grinding:

The small spool with less damage will put the spool on the grinding disc, and start the equipment to carry out grinding by hand.

(5) the left and right two lapping plates are controlled by two transducers on the left side and the right side respectively, and the operation mode is the same.

6.Grinding process:

The abrasive paste with different sizes should be replaced according to different grinding needs. The abrasive paste is stirred and coated on the abrasive plate with machine oil. Before grinding, the high point burr on the spool should be removed before grinding.

1)Rough grinding:

Choose 60 -120# abrasive paste to remove defects such as groove marks, pits, scratches, etc.

2).Fine grinding:

Grinding around 240# or so is used to remove minor scratches.

3). Finish grinding:

 More than 400 #grinding paste is used to finish the polishing.

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