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Valve Grinder Supplier: Valve Industry Development Status

Mar. 02, 2019

As a Valve Grinder Supplier, we want to say that the valves are indispensable fluid control equipment in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, long-distance pipeline, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various cryogenic engineering, aerospace and offshore oil production, etc. According to the expert investigation discovery, after years of development, the number of China's valve enterprises ranked first in the world, a variety of valve enterprises about 6000, of which the annual output value of more than 5 million yuan of 900. From the product, the valve industry in our country now can produce more than 10 categories of products, such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, diaphragm valve, steam trap, emergency shut-off valve, etc., the highest temperature reached 570 ℃, the lowest for - 196 ℃, the maximum pressure of 600 mpa, the diameter of 5350 mm diameter.

Valve Grinder Supplier

Both domestic and abroad, the valve manufacturer, for the domestic market, it has divided into new, expansion project market process, but for the domestic market, many small and medium-sized enterprise the supply already exceeds demand production of common products, and these small and medium-sized enterprises between the increasingly fierce competition, superior bad discard, many businesses fail because of poor management.

For the domestic valve market so fierce competition, the technical content of the foreign market competition is also very fierce. Foreign markets, some developed countries market trade is continuing to develop, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other large countries of the rapid growth of the product, formed a supporting point of the international valve market, some multinational companies also continue to promote the development of the international market, international trade regionalization will become a major feature.

China's valve market manufacturers have many, can provide a lot of varieties of products, and many are also used in some construction, but also used in the city heating valve, environmental protection valve, some construction needs to be used in many aspects of the valve, and like the city gas this aspect of the valve is also a lot of.

In China's current valve market, in addition to the low pressure valve has reached the international market can accept the level, the high pressure valve still depends on imports. Under the situation that the macro economy continues to be optimistic, most of the production and sales indicators of the valve industry have maintained a rapid growth, but due to the impact of the price war, the industry sales revenue and profit have declined significantly compared with last year.

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