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What Should Be Noted When Testing A Valve Test Bed?

Mar. 06, 2019

In order to ensure the personal safety of the staff, special attention must be paid to the test of the Valve Test Bench. The following is a detailed introduction: When testing the valve valve test rig, will first need to test the valve for pressure testing, pressure testing needs to be strictly in accordance with the regulations for pressure testing, pressure testing need to increase the pressure, but pressure can not be too high, to avoid the result in deformation of the valve damage, hydraulic pump before work, need to adjust the electric contact pressure gauge, make its value and pressure of the valve, and then continue to work.

If cast iron valves cannot be knocked, cast iron valves may be damaged by excessive pressure. In the process of pressure testing, the tester should carry out the correct operation to ensure the safety of the operator. At the end of the test, the pressure in the valve must be exhausted before the test can continue.

In the process of pressure measurement, the pressure display device should ensure that it can be displayed normally and the specifications can meet the standards of pressure measurement. In the process of testing, the test bench should be kept clean, the valve flange and sealing disc should not be doped with impurities, should be checked to avoid damage. The test bench needs to be lubricated. The manometer oil shall be replaced three months after it is put into use, and then the replacement time shall be once a year.

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