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What Are The Classifications of Valve Grinders?

Dec. 27, 2018

Type of valve Valve Grinder :

(1) Portable, bench-top Valve Grinding Machine:

This kind of valve grinder products, its portable function is to solve the welding, overweight, inconvenient disassembly of the valve, in the field maintenance of the device; desktop grinder is to solve the disassembly state, in the workshop fast, high quality grinding required, each Convenience; valve grinding: buy the valve to buy repair valve tools, that is, to ensure the working conditions at any time, and repair the old waste to create benefits.

(2) High pressure flange Valve Grinded machine:

It is used for grinding and repairing synthetic ammonia, urea workshop lens pad pipe flange and valve flange in fertilizer production, and has high repair efficiency.

(3) Octagonal pad flange grinding machine:

It is used in the refining and natural gas industries, and is repaired by pipe flanges and valve flanges connected by octagonal pads. The equipment is fixed or portable, and the operation is simple and efficient.

Valve Grinder

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