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Let Us Know About the Valve Grinder

Dec. 15, 2018

Valve Lapping Equipment is composed of a power part, a transmission part, a grinding head part and a bracket part. The transmission part is composed of a transmission shaft, an input gear pair and an output gear pair, and the power part is input into the gear pair through the connector and the transmission part. The gear shaft (8) is connected, and the output end of the transmission part is connected with the grinding head through the output gear pair; the output end of the transmission shaft (1) is inserted into the flat square hole at one end of the flat connection sleeve (2), and the other end of the flat connection sleeve The flat square hole is matched with the driving gear shaft (3) in the output gear pair, and the output gear in the output gear pair meshes with the large bevel gear (4) of the grinding head portion; the transmission shaft (1) is placed in the fixed seat ( 5) Inside, the output gear pair and the drive gear shaft are placed in the three-way gear sleeve (7), and the fixed seat is connected with the three-way gear sleeve; the bracket portion is connected to the fixed seat. It has the characteristics of stable operation, large transmission torque, not easy to damage, and convenient adjustment. It can use gas and electric motors.

We supply Portable Grinder Equipment and Valve Core grinder Equipment. If you have demand about our products, welcome to contact us.

Valve Lapping Equipment

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