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Valve Grinding Process

Dec. 05, 2018

The Valve Grinding Machine is well fitted to the surface of the seal, and the lap is subjected to a complex grinding motion along the conforming surface. An abrasive is placed between the surface of the lap and the sealing ring. When the lap such as Portable Valve Grinding Machine and the surface of the sealing ring move relative to each other, part of the abrasive grains in the abrasive slide or roll between the surface of the lap and the sealing ring, and the surface of the sealing ring is thin. a layer of metal. The peaks on the upper surface of the seal surface are first ground away and then gradually reach the desired geometry.

Grinding is not only a mechanical process of abrasive-to-metal, but also a chemical action. The grease in the abrasive can form an oxide film on the surface being processed, thereby accelerating the grinding process.

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Valve Grinding Machine

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