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Grinding Movement and Grinding Speed of Valve Grinder

Feb. 08, 2019

Although the grinding motion of the Valve Grinding Machine is complicated, the direction of motion is changing, but the grinding motion is always performed along the conforming surface of the surface of the lap and the sealing ring. Whether it is manual grinding or grinding of Valve Grinder Tool, the surface of the sealing ring.

Valve Grinder Tool

The shape accuracy is mainly affected by the geometry accuracy of the lap and the grinding motion.

The faster the grinding motion, the higher the grinding efficiency. The grinding speed is fast, and there are many abrasive grains passing through the surface of the workpiece per unit time, and many metals are cut off.

The grinding speed is usually from 10 m/min to 240 m/min. Grinding accuracy requires relatively high workpieces, and the grinding speed is generally not more than 30m/min. The grinding speed of the sealing surface of the valve is related to the material of the sealing surface, copper and casting

The grinding speed of the iron sealing surface is 10m/min——45m/min; the hardened steel and hard alloy sealing surface is 25m/min——80m/min; the austenitic stainless steel sealing surface is 10m/min——25m/min.

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