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Test the Valve With A Pressure Test Using A Valve Test Stand

Jan. 07, 2019

The valve test medium is generally clean water at normal temperature, and kerosene can be used for important valves. The Safety Valve Testing Bench test can use nitrogen to stabilize the gas, or use steam or air instead. For diaphragm valves, air is used for testing. Whether using a new valve or using a repaired valve, you must test the leak before installation.

Valve pressure test refers to the valve body strength test. Valve leak test refers to the tightness test of the sealing surface. These two tests are the inspection of the main performance of the valve.

Valve Grinder

The Valve Test Bench is used to test the valve for three steps:

1. Open the valve passage, fill the valve cavity with water (or kerosene), and increase the pressure required for the strength test to check the valve body, valve cover, gasket and packing for leakage.

2. Close the dead valve path, pressurize the valve to the nominal pressure, and check for leaks from the other side.

3. Turn the valve upside down and test the opposite side.

Valve Pressure Test Machine

First, the Valve Pressure Test Machine The nominal pressure from 0.4Mpa-32Mpa, these common pressure valves, the valve strength test pressure is 1.5 times its nominal pressure. The valve seal test pressure is equal to 1.1 times the nominal pressure.

Second, the valve test method The test pressure test of the valve, on the valve test bench. The structure of the valve test bench has a pressing part on the test stand and a pipe connected to the test pump. After the valve is pressed, the pressure test pump works, and the pressure gauge of the valve can be read from the pressure gauge of the pressure test pump. When the valve is pressurized and filled with water, the air in the valve should be drained. The upper pressure plate of the test bench has a venting hole and is opened and closed with a small valve. The sign of air venting is that all of the vents are water. After the vent hole is closed, the boost is started. The boosting process should be slow and not sharp. After the specified pressure is reached, it is kept for 3 minutes and the pressure is not qualified.

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