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What Is A Hydraulic Valve Test Bench?

Mar. 23, 2019

Many people don't know what kind of machinery they are when they first contact the hydraulic Valve Tester, so today we will introduce you to what is a hydraulic valve test bench!

The hydraulic Valve Test Bench is a combination of electromechanical, hydraulic and liquid medium storage and recycling. It has complete functions, stable performance and high degree of automation. It can be used for various performances such as strength, sealing and leakage of various valves. Test, to provide a variety of accurate data for industrial production, in the test, first of all, according to the test pressure of the test valve to carry out boost pressure adjustment, prohibit the supercharge pressure value is too high, to prevent deformation of the valve being tested And damaged. Before the hydraulic pressure water pump starts to work, adjust the electric contact pressure gauge and the pressure of the tested valve to be the same, and then work.

Nowadays, with the increase of market demand, the types of Valve Testing Boards are also more diverse, including vertical hydraulic valve test bench, multi-function hydraulic valve test bench, submersible hydraulic valve test bench, etc., consumers can according to specific use needs. Come and buy. The activities of the various parts of the test bench should be refueled frequently to maintain clean lubrication. The hydraulic oil should also be inspected regularly and replaced with equipment newly put into use. The amount of oil cannot be lower than the lower limit of the oil level gauge. Valves are a commonly used component in modern production. Testing of valve performance is also very important. The market for hydraulic valve test benches will be even broader in the future.

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