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Notes For Pipe Beveling Machine Operation

Mar. 19, 2019

Notes For Pipe Beveling Machine Operation

How to ensure the safety of Pipe Beveling Machine in the work, is every operator concerned about the topic, in fact, the danger is caused by people's carelessness, the following talk about how to operate the pipe groove machine is more safe.

First, pipe groove on the strength and the precision of the cutting tool or mold must conform to the requirements of the need to cut material cutting, if not meet, must be timely response with leadership, and cutting to sharp, sounding rj is installed under the stable with the hand, tighten solid is the biggest security, security in transmission belt, do you want to see if there are any shield, avoid the material pulverized splashed out to hurt themselves, at the time of operation, banned removed.

Second, before the operation to open the Pipe Cutting Machine , let it idle for a while, to see if there is any abnormal situation, in the absence of the case to continue to work.

Third, the knife row and tool should be stable, if not strong trouble is big, in case of flying out in the process of operation, the consequences are unimaginable, so be sure to check the solid situation.

Fourth, when you are working, please do not put your body too close to the cut material, because even if you wear protective equipment, there is still the possibility of accidents. Strictly prohibit the operation personnel directly with the hand to wipe the iron chip on the groove, you see it again not happy also endure, you use the hand to wipe simply became the baptism of blood.

Fifth, in addition to the operator, when using the pipe beveing machine, prohibit other people to approach, even if it is not allowed to stay for a second, the spatter is very easy to hurt people.

Pipe Cutting Machine

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