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How To Extend The Service Life Of Valve Grinding Machines?

Sep. 24, 2021

Valve grinding machine

Valve grinding machines are machine tools that use abrasives to grind the surface of valves. Most grinding machines use high-speed rotating grinding wheels for the grinding process. A few use other abrasives such as oil stones, abrasive belts, and free abrasives for processing, such as honing machines, superfinishing machines, belt grinders, grinding machines, and polishing machines.

Routine Maintenance

Every 10 hours (or daily)

Machine - Inspect the machine and perform cleaning, paying particular attention to removing sand/dust

Every 40 hours (or weekly)

Coolant system - check coolant level

Lubrication unit - check and fill the oil tank

Tailstock - apply grease to the shaft nozzle

Air supply unit - check and refill the tank

Check lube/water separator (if equipped) and evacuate water

Every 160 hours (or every month)

Electrical cabinet - Visually inspect the filter

Every 500 hours (or every 3 months)

Lift trim hydraulic tank (if equipped) - inspect and refuel

Electrical cabinet - replace the air filter

Every 1000 hours (or every 6 months)

Headstock - remove from table, clean and lubricate the base

Tailstock - replace front mandrel seal, remove from table, clean and lubricate the base

Every 2,000 hours (or every year)

1. Lubrication unit-clean pump filter  2. Lubrication unit - drain, clean, and replace the filter  3. Replace scale air filter  4. Replace coding battery  5. Replace system batteries

Every 2 years: 

check splash-proof passport


Valve Grinding Machine

Maintenance of the lubrication unit

Inspection and discharge of the lubrication tank

The bottle of the lubrication mailbox collects sewage. The bottle should be filled with oil at all times. If sewage appears, the glass bottle should appear to separate water and oil, with the water at the bottom. To clean up contaminants, turn off the equipment, place a suitable collection container under the bottle piece, loosen the discharge plug and allow the water to drain out. Once the water has been drained, retighten this drain plug. The adjustment valve is preset at the factory and cannot be adjusted.

Check and refuel

The oil level should be kept between the highest and lowest marks of the observation gauge. To refuel please turn off the unit, remove the cover, fill the oil to the top mark of the observation gauge and drain the tank by loosening the drain plug.

Inspection and replacement of the lube oil filter

The pressure gauge pointer should be in the green area of the gauge. When the filter cartridge is clogged, the pressure rises and the pointer moves to the red area. If the pointer is in the red area, the filter cartridge should be replaced.

Perform filter cartridge replacement according to the following steps

1. Turn off unit  2. Loosen the cartridge counterclockwise  3. Remove the cartridge and dispose of it   4. Replace the filter cartridge with a new one.


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