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Features Of Valve Grinding Machine And Precautions For Use

Jan. 25, 2024

The valve grinding machine is mainly composed of motor, mainframe, adjustment bracket, probe arm, grinding disc, etc. Among them, the probe arm can be replaced according to different grinding objects. It has the characteristics of light structure, easy-to-use on-site construction, fast speed, easy operation, etc. Equipped with tapered grinding head to apply to a variety of tapered seat valves. Small size, lightweight, easy to carry. Using high-quality grinding paper, the precision of the grinding sealing surface can reach JB/3595-1993 standard, widely used in power generation, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, paper making, and other industries.

Valve Grinding Machine


Features of the valve grinding machine

1. Adopted advanced structural design, split combination assembly method, so that the installation is fast and simple.

2. Adopted new materials, lightweight, small size, easy to carry.

3. Stepless adjustable speed, smooth power transmission, high-precision grinding plane, so that the repaired sealing surface to achieve complete contact.

4. Lightweight, small size, easy installation, so it can be applied to fieldwork in various environments.

5. Wide range of applications. It can be used for repairing gate valves, globe valves, flanges, etc. of various materials.


Valve Grinding Machine

Valve grinding machine use precautions

1. Clean the dirt on the grinding disc or grinding pad after use.

2. The power socket should match the power plug with the motor.

3. Should carefully read the instruction manual of the motor and master the use of the motor.

4. If the temperature of the valve being repaired and researched is high or there is water, use the custom-made golden steel grinding piece and fix it on the grinding disc with screws for grinding. Add water or kerosene appropriately during the grinding process to facilitate the grinding and flush the chips.

5. Use scissors to cut the sandpaper (cloth) with double-sided adhesive tape according to the diameter of the abrasive disc and paste it on the cleaned abrasive seat (disc).

6. Be sure to unplug the motor after stopping, so as not to accidentally hit the motor switch and injure people or damage the machine by rotating the grinding disc.

7. Before grinding, make sure to check whether there is any abnormal bump on the damaged part of the surface to be ground. If there is a bump, remove it first to avoid hitting the grinding plate or changing the angle of the surface to be ground.


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