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How To Maintain Gate Valve Grinder Machine

Sep. 09, 2021

Valve Grinding Machine

Valve Grinding Machine

The safety valve is affected by impurities or some strong impacts, resulting in friction and scratches between the valve disc and the valve seat, which will affect the sealing performance. So use a gate valve grinder machine to grind and flatten these two parts to restore their sealing performance.


Repair and maintenance of gate valve grinding machine

Oil-air filter dripping speed adjustment

When using an air motor, an oil and gas filter must be connected between the air source and the motor. The oil and gas filter has two main functions: the first is to filter out the water vapor in the air and prevent the internal rust of the air motor. The second is to enter the atomized lubricating oil with the air into the motor, so as to achieve the lubrication effect. The amount of atomized oil should be appropriate, too little will not provide lubrication, too much will overflow from the muffler, the adjustment method is as follows:

Use an Allen key to turn the oil volume setting button (position No. 5). Through the window below the oil volume setting button, you can see the oil dripping. The best rate is about 2 drops per minute.


Adjust chain tension

As the machine is working, the chain will bear the load. When time is up, the chain will become longer. The most intuitive phenomenon is that there will be a rattling noise inside the arm. If it is more serious, the chain will be stuck and the machine will not be able to Rotate. So if the above phenomenon occurs, we have to adjust the tension of the chain, and the operation process is very simple:

1. Loosen the screws in the picture and remove the motor;

2. Remove the baffle;

3. After removing the baffle, we will see the chain fastening device. Use a 2.5 or 3 hexagonal small wrench to turn counterclockwise, and at the same time turn the other end of the universal joint by hand, the chain tension has a node, When we suddenly feel that the universal joint rotates unevenly, it means that we have just exceeded this node, and we only need to loosen the chain fastening device in the reverse direction slightly;

4. Reset the baffle and the motor to complete the chain tension adjustment.


Replace the drive shaft

When the grinding disc collides with the inner wall of the valve, the drive shaft will actively break, so as to protect the internal parts of the machine (such as chains, chain transmission gears, bearings, etc.). If the drive shaft is broken, the replacement method is also very simple. There are three steps in total:

1. Remove the drive motor;

2. Use a metal foil or screwdriver to fix the shaft inside the motor, and then directly use a wrench to unscrew the drive shaft at the front end;

3. Screw on the new driveshaft and install the motor on the machine to complete the replacement of the entire driveshaft.

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