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Introduction of Pipe Beveling Machine

Dec. 23, 2019

With the widespread application of the pipe beveling machine in various industries, to what extent has the process characteristics of the pipe beveling machine developed, or what kind of process characteristics are our pipe beveling machines, the valve grinding machine supplier will introduce you and share some simple introduction to the process characteristics of our pipe beveling machine.

1. High utility, faster than ordinary pipe beveling machine, more perfect bevel angle, can greatly save labor costs and prefabrication costs.

2. The material usage rate is high, because no chipping occurs during the cutting process, the pipe can hinder the full puncture, and the welding success rate can be improved.

3. The bevel is directly formed. For the workpieces that have the necessary conditions for the bevel pattern, the cutter blade pattern can be directly formed at one time.

4. The style of the knife is simple, compared with the rolls used for diagonal rolling or wedge rolling. The style of the knife used in this process is simple, so it is easy to produce, low in cost, and convenient for assembly and mediation.

2) Rust prevention

It is a commonplace for rusting of steel casting equipment. Pipe beveling machines are also produced by steel, so rust prevention is also a top priority. Let me introduce to you below. Some tips and precautions for rust and descaling.

The correct way to avoid pipe beveling machinery rust: Metal rust is a natural change and is more common in life. However, current machines, bridges, cars, etc. all have metal components, and excessive corrosion will render them unusable. Most of the pipe beveling machines are made of metal. In addition to painting protection, there are other methods. The following is a brief introduction to the correct method to avoid pipeline beveling machine corrosion.

The cause of metal corrosion is prolonged contact with water vapor and other corrosive substances in the air. Therefore, the isolation and direct contact with the air for a long time, store the pipe beveling machine in a dry and clean place, and avoid storing with corrosive substances or chemically unstable items around.

In addition, the garbage and dust on the shell need to be cleaned regularly. If necessary, anti-rust grease or anti-rust oil can be applied to effectively isolate the air.

The correct way to avoid the corrosion of the pipe beveling machine is the above. The long-term use of the pipe beveling machine is unavoidable. As long as you maintain regular maintenance, the situation of rust will be reduced.

Introduction of Pipe Beveling Machine

Pipe Beveling Machine

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