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What Is A Valve Grinding Machine?

Dec. 10, 2019

Valve grinding machine is an important part of fine machining, and also an important part of modern machining technology. With the development of industry, the requirement of precision is higher and higher, which makes the use of the valve grinder more play.

Valve grinding machines?

Valve grinding machines

The valve grinder is a grinding process, divided into plane grinding, cylindrical grinding, grinding, polishing and other precision machining.The biggest external factors influencing the precision of valve grinding machine are the size of grinding wheel particle and the depth of cutting fluid solubility.

Machine structure is divided into: head frame, grinding wheel frame, bed, tail (cylindrical valve grinding machine), feed mechanism.The processing precision is RA0.4 according to Chinese standard

During the surface grinding, the valve grinding machine is usually used to adsorb the work piece with disk.Chuck and thimble are commonly used to clamp the valve grinding machine for cylindrical machining

Grinding wheel dressing is an important part of grinding.There are two cases of sand repair, one is for the needs of the process, the grinding wheel into the structure required by the work piece, the other is that the grinding wheel has changed during grinding, the need for dressing.

Often can have a friend to consult, domestic valve grinder and import valve grinder (we refer to Taiwan imports valve grinder here) what is the difference, especially on the price, the same type of equipment, even the price difference of one time?This is possible, of course, also does not say Taiwan imports the valve grinder is the sky-high price.The first choice is the valve grinder accessories, in some of the main accessories, the original machine is more prominent.The second is the level of workmanship, and the third is the design of the core parts of the valve grinder.Because of these gaps, some domestic work piece technology must be imported valve grinding machinery in order to meet the demand.

Domestic valve grinder in the development prospects of absolutely better than other places.However, we do not agree with the domestic valve grinder manufacturers in the pursuit of low price, has been reducing the quality of the valve grinder, with cheap castings and accessories, which greatly hindered the development of China's valve grinder technology.

CNC valve grinder in the current development, is a trend.Especially in the current domestic employment is more difficult, especially outstanding. CNC valve grinding machine commonly used systems for fanuc and Siemens.

The valve grinding machine is the essence of finishing and also a necessity.

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