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What Is the Particularity of Manufacturing Portable Valve Grinder?

Oct. 28, 2019

Valve production has many corporate advantages:First, have a product line that meets the needs of market diversification. A comprehensive valve manufacturing enterprise integrating valve production and sales, has a product line that meets the needs of market diversification, become the preferred partner for many engineering companies. Second, a variety of drivers are available to you. Our valves offer a variety of driving options for you to choose from. Optional electric pneumatic turbine manual and many other driving methods, Save you more manpower and resources.

Value test benchgate value tester for flanged:

Specially applied to perform the intensity and leakage test for all kinds of flanged connected valves,clamping directly on the both flanges of the tested valves without external force to the tested valves.

One side of the test bench can be moved onwards and backwards, the testing doesnt have the limitation of the valve face to face dimension.

The other side of the test bench can be overturned 90 degree for user to perform the seal test and air test.

The hydraulic water supplying system is made up of low and high pressure water pumps.

The safety protection devices and Data management system can be selected by users upon request.

The test bench can be customized according to the users detailed requirements.

Valve Grinder Machine Model: VM100 series can complete following work in five minutes: Clamping of valve stem and keep high accuracy positioning at the moment; Precision grinding of the conical surface of valve, very easy to use the machine, do not need specialist training, you can do that perfect work, depended on the 2×3 ball high precision pneumatic chuck. VM100 series is new standards in speed and accuracy for valve grinding.

What Is the Particularity of Manufacturing Portable Valve Grinder?

 valve grinding machine

 1.  Structure:

TONZZE magnetic polishing machine is composed by chassis, electrical box, control panel, magnetic device and motor.

Chassis: It is the frame of the machine and is welded by high quality stainless steel plates, and baking finished.

Electrical box: It is in the chassis, all of the components are CE certificated.

Control panel: It is in the top of the chassis, and press the buttons to control the machine.

Magnetic device: It is in the chassis, and is the main force generator to drive the grinding pins to work with the workpieces.

Motor: It is in the chassis and it provides motive power to run the machine.

2.  Function:

TONZZE magnetic polishing machine removes the rusted layer or burnt spots of the parts, deburr and finish the parts in a very short time. The machine is especially best workable for the parts with inner holes, complex shapes, crevices or screw threads. Magnetic polishing machine will not hurt the surface of the parts, and not change the accuracy of the parts after finishing. The machine works efficiently and only about 5~15 minutes is needed for the parts. Tonzze magnetic polishing machines can finish parts of metal materials and hard plastics.

3.  Working Principle:

TONZZE magnetic grinding machines use the magical force of magnetic field to make the stainless steel pins rotate very fast, and the pins de-burr, polish and clean the work pieces high-effectively and precisely. This machine does not make any harm to the environment when it is working.

What Is the Particularity of Manufacturing Portable Valve Grinder?

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