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How can maintenance extend the service life of a round table surface grinder?

Oct. 16, 2019

The surface grinder mainly rotates and grinds the workpiece with a grinding wheel to achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the table, it can be divided into two types: a rectangular table and a circular table. The main parameter of the rectangular table surface grinder is the table width and The main parameter of the length, round table surface grinder is the work surface diameter. A good round table surface grinder can bring benefits to the society. It can improve the work efficiency of the enterprise and enhance the quality of the machine tool. It is a rare helper in the current industrial industry. In the following, the grinder equipment supplier says how to maintain the service life of the round table surface grinder.

1. Maintenance of the surface grinding machine of the round table: the surface of the surface grinder and the motor, the surface of the heat dissipating equipment must be kept clean, and the polishing consumable powder should be cleaned regularly.

2. Check and tighten the handles, feed handwheels, screws, nuts and other parts. Keep the round table surface grinder intact.

3. Round table surface grinder machine inspection: check the surface of the grinding machine screws, belts, tightness, looseness should be adjusted to the appropriate.

4. Check if the wear level of each bearing should be replaced if there is any damage, and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

5. The guide rail should be cleaned, the rail can not be equipped with polishing consumable powder.

How can maintenance extend the service life of a round table surface grinder?

Valve Grinder Machine

What should be paid attention to during the specific operation of the surface valve grinder machine? We will continue to look down.

1: Positioning rules for surface grinder

Where should the machine be placed? How to install it is good? It is understood that more than 300mm should be reserved outside the larger sports space. Each foot screw is tight, and the front and rear horizontal and horizontal levels are within 0.04/1000mm. (The requirements for installing the inverter need to be higher)

2: Selection of surface grinding wheel

The selected grinding wheel must be able to withstand a peripheral speed of 2000m/min or more, because if the speed is too low, it will easily leave traces, but if the speed is too high, the price of the grinding wheel will be much higher, and it is strictly forbidden to strictly prohibit it. Use a damaged wheel. If there are conditions, it is recommended to do the balance after the new grinding wheel is installed.

3: Surface grinding machine spindle

Before installing the grinding wheel, make sure that the spindle rotates clockwise.

4: Surface grinder hydraulic device

The surface grinder uses a hydraulic fluid with a viscosity of 46.

The new machine needs to be replaced with hydraulic oil after three months of use, and then replaced once a year, and the tank must be cleaned.

5: Surface grinder lubrication device

The lubricating oil uses a guide oil with a viscosity of 32. (Recommended Mayweather 1 or 1405)

Confirm the fuel tank (pool) oil volume every day to ensure that it is above the line.

Check the rail oil circuit for smoothness every week, and the Du rails lose oil.

It is recommended to clean the tank every three months.

The above is the content of the surface grinder for everyone, thank you for reading this article in your busy schedule, so stay tuned for more information!

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