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Some Summary of Valve Grinding Materials

Jan. 22, 2019

the research material of the Valve Core Grinding Machine

The material of the lap should be based on the material of the abrasive and its properties. The lap material should have: fine and uniform microstructure, good sand-embedding performance, good wear resistance, sufficient hardness, no deformation, and its hardness is softer than that of the abrasive parts. Generally, the materials for the lap are as follows: cast iron, low carbon steel, copper, aluminum, lead, babbitt, glass, asphalt, leather, and the like.

Valve Core Grinding Machine

Common research materials of the Valve Grinder Equipment:

cast iron. Cast iron contains flake graphite, which has good wear resistance and lubricating properties, and high strength; it also has the advantages of low cost and easy processing. Therefore, cast iron laps are used for grinding a variety of materials such as cemented carbide, hardened steel, non-ferrous metals, etc., and are also suitable for sanding, sanding, and sanding. Cast iron laps are made of gray cast iron and ductile iron, and the hardness is generally HB120~220. Cast iron laps guarantee quality, while grinding is efficient and widely used.

copper. The copper has good toughness and wear resistance, and is suitable for rough working of processing with large margin and low roughness requirement. It can function as a low carbon steel lap, but the cost is high, and it is rarely used.

Low-carbon steel. The toughness of low carbon steel is larger than that of cast iron, and it can adapt to the slender round holes, tapered holes, threads, etc., which are difficult to grind cast iron. Low carbon steel is generally used as a rough material.

aluminum. The aluminum texture is softer than copper and is suitable for soft metals such as copper.

Lead, babbitt. Suitable for polishing and grinding mild steel or other soft materials.

glass. The glass texture is hard and brittle, suitable for the grinding and polishing of workpieces, especially the hardening of hardened steel.

Leather, felt, polyester fabric. The soft texture is often used to polish the workpiece, the polyester fabric is even and even, and the liner is placed on a flat lap, and the effect of lapping and polishing is good.

asphalt. The asphalt is soft in texture and is used for grinding and polishing of glass and crystal lamps. It is also suitable for the finishing of hardened steel. The asphalt has strong adaptability to the workpiece.

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