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[Valve Grinder For Sale China]How to solve the failure of the valve tester?

May. 15, 2019

Valve testing machine in the use of the process of frequent failure, so how to solve these failures? Take a look below.

1, check the insulation resistance of the valve tester. Use 500 v insulation resistance meter test, the insulation resistance should not be less than 5 m Ω, if less than this value, should open the drain and vent hole, drying or drying after use.

2, check the valve grinding machine vent, water hole, oil hole and cable joint sealing is loose, if there is loose must be screwed tight.

3, different types of valve testing machine, should be used according to the specified head, matching steel pipe, rubber pipe or sail pipe diameter should meet the technical requirements.

4, the valve test machine cable had better not have a joint, if the joint should be wrapped, the entire cable should not be damaged, broken phenomenon, or should be replaced by a new cable. Also, the cables should be overhead and not too long.

Stationary Valve Core Grinding Machine

5, before starting up the valve testing machine, make a comprehensive inspection of the power supply lines and switches, and run idle for 3~5min on the ground. If the machine runs normally, put it into water and put it into use.

6, the valve test electromechanical source should be selected in accordance with the provisions, the distance between the power supply and the water pump should not be too far, the voltage should be within 10% of the normal value, and buried in the power supply or the water pump a 1m above the iron bar as a ground wire, to ensure safety. The power supply must be connected to the ground reliably, add leakage protector. In addition, try to avoid the power supply voltage is too high or too low when the boot, the voltage is too high, will cause the motor overheating and burn out the winding

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