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What are the characteristics of valve testing equipment?

Aug. 23, 2019

What are the characteristics of valve testing equipment?

Overview of valve test equipment:

For valve test equipment, gate valve tester, many people do not know its meaning, for its valve flow is not clear, the following small make up to tell you.

The flow coefficient of the valve is the index to measure the flow capacity of the valve, the flow coefficient value is large, that the flow capacity of the valve is large, fluid flow through the valve pressure loss is small. When the valve flow coefficient is tested by test, the different measuring devices and methods will make the test results differ greatly. Therefore, the location of pressure point, piping condition before and after valve, Reynolds number of fluid and Mach number of compressible gas should be taken into account when measuring pressure drop difference. This paper discusses the matters needing attention when carrying out flow test according to JB/T 5296-91 and compares it with BS en1267-1999 to illustrate the effect of Reynolds number on valve flow test results with examples. Due to the limitation of the domestic flow test device, the flow test of the valve below DN600 can only be carried out now, and the larger diameter valve can be tested with air.

M-600 Portable Gate Valve Grinding Machine

M-600 Portable Gate Valve Grinding Machine

Valve testing equipment is a lot of valve production can not be separated from the equipment, the valve can only be put into the market after a certain test, the following to understand the characteristics of the valve testing equipment.

1. The test pressure can be stepless adjusted and the boost rate can be set.

2. Advanced equipment design principle: simint liquid booster pump is used as high pressure output source and electric pump as clamping power.

3. With power failure protection function, the system automatically discharges pressure after power failure and terminates the test to ensure the safety of operators and equipment to the maximum extent.

4. All pressure parts adopt standard parts of international famous brands, without any welding connection, easy to remove, high safety factor, long life, easy to maintain.

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