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How does the valve pressure test equipment detect the sealing surface?

Aug. 17, 2019

How does the valve pressure test equipment detect the sealing surface?

What is the sealing surface of the valve? The following valve pressure test equipment manufacturer with you to say.

First, under the specified conditions of the valve (mainly refers to the medium, working pressure, working temperature installation position, etc.) to ensure the safety and reliability of the seal;

Second, in the remanufacturing process, the sealing surface material and structure of the welding, processing, assembly and valve grinding technology is good;

Third, in the process of use, the sealing surface to facilitate maintenance.

When surfacing valve sealing surface, the best method is plasma surfacing technology. Plasma powder spray welding is an advanced surfacing technology, which USES plasma arc as heat source and alloy powder as filler. The alloys used are iron - based, nickel - based, cobalt - based, copper - based, etc. The composition of surfacing alloy determines the effect of sealing surface. Therefore, the surfacing material must be reasonably selected according to the working conditions of the valve, so that the surfacing sealing surface of the valve can have a higher service life.

Safety Valve Tightness Test Bench

The application of plasma arc as a new energy source is inseparable from its characteristics. The plasma arc temperature is high and the heat is concentrated, the arc temperature can reach 20000k, its gentle arc external flame characteristic can obtain shallow and uniform depth, it is an ideal surfacing heat source, so it is widely used for surfacing with valve sealing surface.

Plasma surfacing valve process requirements: before surfacing welding need to carry out mechanical cleaning of the workpiece, the workpiece surface must have a metallic luster, no grease and oxide. Some workpieces need to be preheated in advance before surfacing welding. After preheating, the cooling speed of metal molten pool is slowed down, thus reducing the deformation speed of high-temperature metal. The thermoplasticity of matrix is used to effectively avoid the generation of welding layer crack.

In order to obtain a well-formed, defect-free surfacing layer and improve productivity; Ensure the stability of the process, to choose reasonable process parameters, working mode and operation procedures. The movements are well connected. Before surfacing, rough machining should be carried out according to the drawing to avoid defects such as porosity, slag inclusion and sand inclusion in the base.

Read the above content, I believe we have known the valve sealing surface design.

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