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What Should You Pay Attention to When Using the Valve Tester?

Jan. 29, 2019

Notes for use of Valve Test Board are as follows

(1) replace the hydraulic oil regularly

Hydraulic oil of the Valve Testing Machine needs regular inspection and replacement; The condition of hydraulic fluid should be noticed and checked frequently. The time limit for replacing hydraulic oil is usually one year. When due to water, high temperature, high humidity, dust, should shorten the oil cycle.

Method: open the oil plug to drain oil, then open the top cover of the oil tank and clean the oil filling filter (120 mesh) and inlet filter. Clean the tank bottom.

(2) clean the filter regularly (regularly) of the Valve Core Tester Table.

(3) pay attention to the oil level and maintain the oil level.

(4) when the oil pump starts and stops, the pressure adjustment switch should be set to the minimum.

(5) the maximum pressure in the tubing is less than 25MPa. High pressure water pipe with maximum pressure up to 32MPa. Therefore, when the system needs to be maintained, it must be shut down for maintenance. When first starting up, all personnel should not face the high-pressure water pipe.

(6) exposed oil pipes and water pipes are not allowed to bear external shocks.

(7) when connecting the power supply for the first time, open the electrical box cover and adjust the motor steering (from the motor fan end, clockwise rotation of the motor shaft is the correct steering).

(8) when shutting down the power supply, the pressure of the hydraulic system should be lowered below 2MPa.

(9) the power supply is three-phase four-wire system, that is, three of the four power lines are connected to live wires, and the phase voltage is 380V. The other must be connected to a zero wire (not a ground wire), and the three live wires have a voltage of 220V relative to the zero wire.

Valve Core Tester Table

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