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Four maintenance process for valve pressure testing equipment

Sep. 02, 2019

Four maintenance process for valve pressure testing equipment 

Valve pressure test equipment in long-term work, if there is no regular maintenance, then the dirt will be serious valve pressure test equipment work, the following together to understand the valve pressure test equipment four maintenance process.

1. Cleaning: the valve pressure test equipment has been in work for a long time, and the box will inevitably accumulate some dust, so the operator needs to clean regularly to keep the equipment clean and shiny. In addition, for the convenience of the test, the articles used in the test can also be fixed and positioned through the use frequency and visual criteria, so that the whole will be neat, tidy and convenient to operate.

2. Inspection: the so-called inspection, as its name implies, is to conduct regular inspection on the running condition, running parameters, equipment configuration, equipment temperature and other aspects of the equipment. In this way, we can regularly understand the situation of the valve test equipment, find out the hidden trouble of the equipment, and then remove the equipment fault.

3. Lubrication: due to the long-term operation of the equipment, it is necessary to check the lubrication condition of the equipment regularly, such as: temperature, liquid level, pressure, whether the lubrication is deteriorated, whether the oil circuit is smooth, etc. Regular testing of the use of human lubricants, to add or supplement the lubricating grease equipment.

4. Fastening: in order to ensure the safety of operators and reduce the frequency of equipment failure, it is necessary to check the equipment regularly. If the screws in non-rotating parts of the equipment become loose, they should be tightened and fixed in time.

Read the above content, I believe that we have understood the four maintenance process of valve pressure test bench.

Horizontal Type SYTW400/3.5-32 Valve Pressure Test Bench

Horizontal Type SYTW400/3.5-32 Valve Pressure Test Bench

How to operate the valve test equipment?

Many people do not know how to operate the valve test equipment, so the operation of the valve test equipment must be handed over to professionals, so as not to cause damage to the valve test equipment, then how to operate the valve test equipment better?

1. Pay attention to whether there is a significant abnormal sound inside and outside the machine, if there is a suspension of work, please determine whether the maintenance personnel need to repair.

2. Open the valve to check the power switch of the equipment, and the power indicator light is on.

3. Choose knife knife: by designated personnel, operation is necessary before loading cut craft than the blade is selected, comparison and correct rear can put a knife, put the knife is completed, it is necessary to use manual test, the first hydraulic valve closed check equipment power supply, cut touch button, use special wrench to sway, master-slave pulley stamping trip to maximum of the hydraulic valve check equipment, such as hand did not move, the thinking is too much pressure or other question, see debugging to OK.

The above are the valve test equipment in the operation of the need to pay attention to the content, I believe we have understood.

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