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What is the difference between automatic valve pressure test equipment and traditional equipment?

Sep. 11, 2019

What is the difference between automatic valve pressure test equipment and traditional equipment? Below Valve Test Bench Supplier will introduce for everybody next.

Traditional mechanical equipment:

1. Manually open the water injection needle valve and close the water discharge needle valve.

2. Manually adjust the electric contact pressure gauge to determine the test pressure. There is a big error in the mechanical pointer.

3. During the testing process, the pressure changes in the valve cavity cannot be visually displayed, and the pressure gauge with slight leakage cannot be reflected. It is easy to pass the test before leaving the factory, and the leakage of pipeline installation.

4. Manually increase the cylinder holding force, there is a big error in the electric type, easy to clamp the valve sealing face.

5. Test results of the valve test bench need to be recorded manually, which is easy to record errors and difficult to keep.

Valve Test Bench Supplier

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Automatic valve pressure test equipment:

Generate the required test data at one time and save it permanently. In the later stage, as long as the storage scheme is called out and the equipment is started with one key, the valve can be fully automatic in the testing process.

Test caliber input, test pressure input, cylinder holding force input, electromagnetic water valve automatically open and close, test pressure curve display, test result report generation, save are automatically completed by the computer, and test results can be copied through USB, printer color page printing.

Through the above content, I believe we have understood the difference between automatic valve pressure test equipment and traditional equipment.

What is the preparation of valve pressure test equipment?

1. Check the height of lubricating oil surface in the base to keep it on the oil line of oil mark.

2, check the water tank clean or not, do not use sewage containing silt, so as not to block the pipeline, wear out the plunger, make the system valve closed loosely and cause failure.

3. Check whether the joint parts and the pressing screw plug are tight.

4, check the insulation and safety of the circuit, and reliable grounding.

5. Fill the tank with clean water.

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