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What Are The Common Faults Of Valve Testing Equipment Speed Regulating Motor?

Apr. 17, 2019

What Are The Common Faults Of Valve Testing Equipment Speed Regulating Motor?

Valve Testing Equipment in the use of the process, the speed motor maintenance is not good easy to cause the speed motor fault, the following small make up for you to detail the valve testing equipment speed motor common faults and maintenance.

1. Abnormal operation of the main drive motor. The motor with poor slip will oscillate violently during operation, resulting in bearing heating. Disassemble the clutch armature and magnetic pole rotor, check the motor bearing is not severe lack of smooth grease, and the formation of bearing severe wear, motor performance decline. It is now necessary to replace the damaged bearings with smooth grease. Under normal conditions, all parts of these mechanisms should be cleaned and oiled once to ensure the normal operation of the main drive motor.

2. The rotating speed of the main engine decreases periodically in this situation, most of which are caused by some mechanical problems. There are more cots for the speed regulating motor, and each cots is supported by bearings. If any end of a rubber roller bearing attack fault, may make the host speed periodic underground peak, severe, the host will move more frustration, should be replaced bearing. In addition, should pay attention to the host of the drum (including printing plate, rubber, nano-imprint lithography drum) bearing and smooth parts of the operation is not normal, if the problem will affect the printing speed.

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3. Valve Test Machine Supplier shares that the valve view equipment speed motor speed up and gradually decline after the machine stopped the situation, the need to investigate the speed of electrical and mechanical cabinets in the ammeter pointer changes. If its indicating current increases sharply, then overload protection equipment such as thermal relay of the main motor will inevitably occur protection action, so that the main motor is disconnected from the three-phase power supply and stop operation. At this time, the need to carefully check the main motor circuit of the wiring components and the main motor communication touch device, speed electrical and mechanical cabinets of all thermal relays and other overload protection equipment wiring is loose, touch is not bad and heating. If these parts have a title, it will increase the speed of the main motor, because the circuit wire and component touch bad current agile increase, and lead to protective shutdown. When the speed of the speed motor operation is low, because the main motor operating current is small and will not attack gas expected speed gradually decrease the situation resulting in the shutdown, but when the speed motor speed up, the load of electricity, electrical components of the fault will be revealed. In practical operations, sometimes can see the speed motor electrical cabinet wiring terminal due to poor touch wire and heat, or even in the interface oxide layer, wire insulation outside anti charred color, these titles will seriously affect the normal operation of the main drive motor. At this time, the operator needs to adopt corresponding measures immediately, such as arranging the contact surface of wiring terminals and wires, tightening the wiring screws, removing the burnt oxide layer of wires and replacing the damaged wiring terminals.

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