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Pipe Beveling Machines: What are the Common Forms of Beveling?

Jan. 14, 2022

Pipe Beveling Machine


A pipe beveling machine is according to the design or process requirements, the pipeline welding parts to be welded into a certain geometric shape of the groove of a device is called a pipe beveling machine. The purpose of beveling is to obtain a weld seam that is fully welded through in the thickness of the welded part.


The common forms of pipe beveling machines are I-shaped bevel, Y-shaped bevel, U-shaped bevel with a blunt edge, double Y-shaped bevel, single V-shaped bevel with a blunt edge, etc.


1. Bevel surface angle and bevel angle

The angle between the vertical surface of the weld surface and the bevel surface is called the bevel surface angle, and the angle between the two bevel surfaces is called the bevel angle.


When opening a single-sided bevel, the bevel angle is equal to the bevel face angle; when opening a double-sided symmetrical bevel, the bevel angle is equal to twice the bevel face angle. The bevel angle (or bevel surface angle) should ensure that the welding rod can freely reach inside the bevel and not touch the bevel surface on both sides, but the angle is too large will consume too much filling material and reduce labor productivity.


2. Root clearance

Before welding, the gap between the roots of the joint is called the root gap. Also known as the assembly gap. The role of the root gap is to ensure that the root can be welded through when welding the bottom layer of the welding channel. Therefore, the root gap is too small, the root will produce weld impermeability; but too large root gap, and will make the root burn through, the formation of weld tumor.


3. Blunt edge

When the weld is beveled, the end part of the bevel along the thickness direction of the weld is not opened is called the blunt edge. The role of the blunt edge is to prevent the root from burning through, but the blunt edge value is too large and will make the root weld impermeable.


4. Root radius

The radius of the bottom of the U-shaped bevel is called the root radius. The role of the root radius is to increase the lateral space of the root of the bevel so that the welding rod can reach the root and promote the root weld penetration.


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