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What is the Correct Maintenance Method for Portable Pipe Beveling and Cutting Machine?

Jan. 08, 2022

PKN-76 Portable Inner Expand Type Metal Pipe Beveling Machine


How to use the pipe beveling machine correctly?

1. The strength and precision of the cutting edge or mold on the pipe beveling machine must meet the cutting requirements of the material to be cut, if not, be sure to respond to the leader in a timely manner. And the cutting edge should be sharp, test by hand whether the cutting edge is installed firmly, fastened and reliable is the biggest guarantee of safety, in the transmission zone, you have to see if there is a protective cover, to avoid the material debris splash out to hurt themselves, in the operation of When the time, it is prohibited to disassemble down.

2. Open the pipe beveling machine before the operation, let it idle for a while, see if there are no abnormalities, in the absence of the case to continue operations.

3. knife row and tool should be stable and firm, if not, the trouble will be big, in case it flies out in the process of operation, the consequences are unimaginable, so be sure to check the solid situation.


Maintenance methods of pipe beveling machine

1) Electrical connection and protection should be made according to local regulations.

2) Connect one end of the cable to the air plug (random accessory) and the other end to the power supply.

3) Please do not use it in a wet environment to avoid danger.

4)Feed according to the arrow indication, and the tool should rotate before touching the processed parts.

5)When the hydraulic oil is low, you can refill the hydraulic system with hydraulic oil through the "oil filling hole A".

6) equipment not used for a long time, slowly loosen the "relief valve F" so that the "hydraulic cylinder H" to the lowest state.

7)When oil leaks at the outlet of "check valve T", use a raw material belt to re-wrap the oil outlet to achieve sealing.


Anti-rust treatment for pipe beveling machine

For steel casting equipment rust is a commonplace thing, pipe beveling machine is also produced by steel, so rust prevention is also a top priority.

Metal rust is a natural change, and it is also common in life. But nowadays, machines, bridges, cars, etc. all have metal components, and excessive rusting will make them unusable. Most of the pipe beveling machines are made up of metal, and the reason for metal rusting is long-term contact with moisture and other corrosive substances in the air. Therefore, isolate and air direct contact for a long time, store the pipe beveling machine in a dry and clean place, and avoid storing with corrosive substances or chemically very unstable items around. In addition, it is necessary to regularly clean the garbage and dust on the shell, and if necessary, apply anti-rust grease or anti-rust oil, which can effectively isolate the air.


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