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Guide to External Clamping Pipe Beveling Machine

Dec. 09, 2022

What is an external clamping pipe beveling machine?

External clamping beveling machine is a machine developed for water-cooled wall, boiler fins, coal saver, superheater, reheater, and other professional equipment, which is suitable for single pipe and row pipe processing beveling and can meet the processing requirements such as small working space and large maintenance batch at the pipeline maintenance site.

External Clamping Pipe Beveling Machine

Main features of external clamping pipe beveling machine

The main features of external clamping beveling machine are that it can work for narrow space, easy to carry, adopt external clamping device, one die, and one card, accurate positioning, easy to disassemble and install, configured with German original imported McTyre motor, automatic knife in and out design, reduce labor intensity and improve machine life. It can process various grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

How pipeline external clamping beveling machine works

The external clamping pipe beveling machine is equipped with hydraulic strong power and connection with the hydraulic station using a quick connector, plug, and play, convenient and fast. Fix the beveling machine on the pipe to be beveled, fasten the parts, the requirements are simple, only a specification wrench that can be adjusted, cutting beveling tool is adjusted, the beveling machine automatically rotates around the pipe will be cut off and beveled. High efficiency, large cutting volume, no burr, and no deformation in the cut. By customizing the beveling tool with different angles, the beveling can be done at different angles; the materials can be cut: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and titanium alloy, and non-standard specifications can be customized according to customer needs. The equipment is widely used in the industries of petroleum, petrochemical, water treatment, shipbuilding, electric power beer, beverage dairy, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, etc.

Commonly used beveling forms

A pipe beveling machine is a kind of equipment that processes the part of a pipe welding workpiece to be welded into a certain geometric shape of groove according to the design or process requirements, which is called a pipe beveling machine. The purpose of beveling is to obtain a weld seam that is fully welded through in the thickness of the welded part. The common forms of pipe beveling machines are I-shaped bevel, Y-shaped bevel, U-shaped bevel with a blunt edge, double Y-shaped bevel, single V-shaped bevel with a blunt edge, etc.

1. Bevel surface angle and bevel angle

The angle between the vertical surface of the weld surface and the bevel surface is called the bevel surface angle, and the angle between the two bevel surfaces is called the bevel angle.

When opening a single-sided bevel, the bevel angle is equal to the bevel face angle; when opening a double-sided symmetrical bevel, the bevel angle is equal to twice the bevel face angle. The bevel angle (or bevel surface angle) should ensure that the welding rod can freely reach inside the bevel and not touch the bevel surface on both sides, but the angle is too large will consume too much filling material and reduce labor productivity.

2. Root clearance

Before welding, the gap between the roots of the joint is called the root gap. Also known as the assembly gap. The role of the root gap is to ensure that the root can be welded through when welding the bottom layer of the welding channel. Therefore, the root gap is too small, the root will produce weld impermeability; but too large root gap, and will make the root burn through, the formation of weld tumor.

3. Blunt edge

When the weld is beveled, the end part of the bevel along the thickness direction of the weld is not opened is called the blunt edge. 4. root radius The radius of the bottom of the U-shaped bevel is called the root radius.

4. Root radius

The radius of the bottom of the U-shaped bevel is called the root radius. The role of the root radius is to increase the lateral space of the root of the bevel so that the welding rod can reach into the root and promote the root weld through.

Metals Kingdom Pipe External Clamp Beveling Machine

External Clamping Pipe Beveling Machine

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