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How Does Valve Testing Equipment Occupy the Market?

Mar. 31, 2020

Compared with the world's most powerful valve test benches in the world, China's valve test laboratory equipment still has endless potential for development. There are many places abroad that are worth studying. The central government put forward a scientific outlook on development, a new road to industrialization, and a conservation-oriented society, all of which need to be manifested in our practical work.

Looking at the world ’s excellent valve testing bed, whether the annual output value is higher than domestic, this shows two doubts. One is that China ’s valve test pressure test equipment is still inward-looking, and the second is The hydraulic test bench still has a wide range of malls. However, how to enter and occupy the mall deserves our serious consideration.、

Excellent, first refers to quality, brand, and famous brand. Its meaning is very broad, it runs through the entire process of valve machinery product skills, process skills, and arrangement skills, through the various processes of valve machinery parts, supporting equipment processing, through the valve machinery product assembly, commissioning, until the user site device Full range, the whole process and 24/7 of commissioning and after-sales service operations. It is necessary to truly make valve machinery products "excellent".

How Does Valve Testing Equipment Occupy the Market?

Valve Testing Bed

From the analysis of occupation types and output, China has now formed a large country with a complete range of comparisons and a certain number of valve test benches. But in essence, it is not a strong country in terms of high quality, leading skills and economic benefits. On the existing basis, regardless of occupation, company, or whether the entire mainframe is produced or parts are produced, all efforts should be made in the "strong" direction.

Information in the commodity performance for mechanical and electrical integration, in the performance of modernization, digital PLC control automation. Informatization has now become a reality from the shallow to the deep. "Through the completion of", the performance of commodity skills and the level of the company.

Use your head on the word "people".No matter what optimization is done, the need to go through the implementation, to complete, no talent is not. Talents are the foundation of national rejuvenation, the basis of enriching the people and the source of development. They are explorers and practitioners of scientific and technological innovation, economic development and social development.

The development of the horizontal type valve test table industry also depends on people. We should cultivate and retain talents, so that they have the opportunity to start their own businesses, the channels for their operations, and the space for their development. The whole profession and the company feel the shortage of talents, can we arrange the implementation of the combination of production, learning, and research, so that scientific research and development, college education and production practice are closely combined, so that the scientific research education has a target so that scientific research and education projects become productive after production. It can also expand the talent resources, including domestic and foreign talent resources, the use of domestic talent resources is the first.



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