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Metals Kingdom Industry Limited is professional manufacturer of Portable Valve Grinding and Lapping Machine since 1994.

Repairing leaking valves in industrial pipelines is a laborious operation involving extended downtime, production losses and substantial unwanted costs. Losses are minimized if valves can be reground in situ, precluding the need to dismantle and remove defective valves from the pipeline. Available in overlapping sizes, these grinders combine unsurpassed versatility with exceptional ease of handling and operation. A combination guaranteed to give these grinders cutting edge performance, whatever the valve location.

What are the functions of a portable valve grinding machine? Is there any difference from a normal grinder?

Valve lapping machines have been developed over the years to manufacture more and more types, however, for immediate work, the bulky nature of the machine makes it difficult to complete the work immediately. Therefore, the portable valve grinding machine came into being, which has the advantages that are difficult to replace compared to other types of grinding machines.

The portable valve grinding machine is designed for fast and accurate repair of valves in pipelines, characterized by its grinding machine and auxiliary parts, the grinding machine is connected to the motor by one end of the drive sleeve, the other end is connected to the grinding drive shaft, the shaft head is equipped with grinding head or, the outer cylinder of the drive sleeve is equipped with bearings, the housing set on the bearings and connected to the motor. Auxiliary parts are screwed on the shell of the concentric sleeve or a connection ring with internal and external threads, connecting tube set grinder and screwed to the threaded ring, the other end screwed with the spool base.

The portable valve grinding machine is mainly used in petroleum, chemical and power plant pipelines to repair valve seats and spools in situ to ensure safe operation. Its portable function is to solve the welding, overweight, inconvenient disassembly of the valve, in the installation site maintenance prepared.

portable valve grinding machine

Advantages of Portable Valve Grinding Machine

These valve grinding machines have unique, lightweight universal clamping system which allows rapid and accurate mounting for grinding valve seats or wedges. Lightweight for easy handling and installation, our valve grinding and lapping machines span working ranges for gate valves from 1 to 49 inches (DN20-1250mm), with high performance and lower cost. 

During operation, you can quickly change grinding disks and adjust the grind pressure. Operating checks and replacement of abrasive discs can be carried out without disturbing the assembly. No realignment is necessary when repositioning the grinding head. Solid construction, sealed lubrication and pre-loaded bearings ensure long life and low maintenance.

Portable Valve Grinding Machine for sale

To solve your work with ease and efficiency, we offer this portable valve grinding machine to our customers worldwide, very cost effective!

Suitable for valve type: gate valve, globe valve, safety valve

Grinding range: 1 to 49 inches (DN20-1250mm)

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Is valve lapping necessary?

In a perfect world there would be no need for valve grinding, but few things are perfect!

How is grinding done?

A mechanical process using a rotating grinding wheel made of an abrasive that contains fine particles ranging from fine to coarse. The wheel rotates around a central axis and comes into contact with the surface of the workpiece, while the particles act as cutting tools, cutting chips from the material.

Can you grind titanium valves?

You cannot grind titanium valves. If you do, the coating will wear off and the life of the valve will be short.

Can I grind stainless steel valves?

You can grind stainless steel valves, regardless of who made them or what coating they are coated with.

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